Spot the Errors, Dudes

lebowski-timeI would argue that there are two errors in this Los Angeles Times piece about a documentary on cult followers of The Big Lebowski and the festivals they hold around the country. One is a spelling error that I am sure of, and the other is a missed reference to the film that I am pretty sure of (you have to be a Lebowski geek to spot the latter). Can you find them?

5 Responses to “Spot the Errors, Dudes”
  1. Pat says:

    Wrong: “and legions of dedicated ‘achievers,’ as they call themselves in ironic reference to the Dude’s lack of ambition”

    “Achievers” is, of course, a specific reference to the Big Lebowski’s Little Lebowski Urban Achievers program.

  2. Ian says:

    I think Lebowski is overrated but I hold the Maysles in great reverence.

    • cbgaines says:

      Ian homes in on the second error! The Maysles brothers have a killer name to spell. I’d bet they’re the most misspelled documentarians on the planet. (Making it even trickier, the plural form would be “Maysleses.” Ugh!)

  3. livermoron says:

    I thought Maysles was a children’s disease in Ireland.

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