Dreamy Writing

Good writing

My former colleague Randall Roberts posted a gorgeous telling of a Saturday night–Sunday morning event at Hollywood Forever cemetery here in Los Angeles this weekend. Like every blog post, it could be polished here and there with a copyedit, but no matter: Randy paints a shimmering* image of a remarkable seven hours.

This is a great example of a writer not becoming overwhelmed by his subject. He easily could have lapsed into maudlin or overdetailed language. Instead he dances right along that line between properly conveying enthusiasm and slobbering all over a subject. It’s also a masterful illustration of tone matching content. The setting, the time of night and day, the music and film being showcased melted into a dreamy experience, and Randy’s words beautifully convey the scene.

*To borrow a word favored by another former colleague, Falling James.


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