Transportive Writing

The latest installment of Good Writing is a lesson in using active voice and parallel construction to paint vivid imagery. The scene it describes—of central Baghdad after two suicide bombings killed more than 150 people—is horrific. The L.A. Times’s account from Monday contains more than just a death toll, rundown of the infrastructure damage, and … Continue reading

Waddya Think?

I’m not aware of a rule about this, but doesn’t the phrase around the world make more sense than across the world? Seeing as the world is a sphere (and don’t let the Flat Earth Society tell you any different!) around seems more accurate than across, right? Or am I plunging too deep into the … Continue reading

Exclude the Includer

I’ll continue my series on small and often unnecessary words with a look at all. Writers will insert this word to signal to readers that every item listed is inclusive, but this is unnecessary when the context of the sentence makes the inclusiveness apparent. In the following sentences, we can delete all and still easily … Continue reading