Odd Little Morsel

I encountered a rare occurence while editing the other day: a writer misspelled hors d’oeuvre. And, to be more accurate, the writer didn’t misspell it so much as mispunctuate it. She left off the apostrophe. It’s a funny tic of the trade that I come across egregious misspellings of common words every day but a … Continue reading

The Befuddling Case of the Frat Guy’s T-shirt

I was at the gym a while back when I spotted a guy wearing a fraternity T-shirt commemorating a nonprofit event his house had sponsored. It was a fundraiser for a battered-women’s shelter, and the tagline read Joining the fight against domestic abuse. I immediately thought the pairing of fight and domestic abuse was silly … Continue reading

2010 Bullets

On a rainy day fit for hibernation, The Writing Guide decides to wake up, stand unsteadily on its back legs, and forage once again for elements of bad writing. And if you think comparing a writing blog to a just-awoken grizzly bear constitutes bad writing, feel free to stick that in the comments section. Until … Continue reading