2010 Bullets

On a rainy day fit for hibernation, The Writing Guide decides to wake up, stand unsteadily on its back legs, and forage once again for elements of bad writing. And if you think comparing a writing blog to a just-awoken grizzly bear constitutes bad writing, feel free to stick that in the comments section. Until then, here are some general points that have been on my mind lately:

  • When referring to the highest-rated beef, the correct phrase is USDA prime, and not prime USDA. You want prime to modify the meat, not USDA. Otherwise that would suggest there are other, lower-quality USDAs out there.
  • Why does Microsoft Word’s spell-check function insist that portobello is capitalized? I’ve never seen a capitalized reference, and it’s not based on a proper noun. Any ideas?
  • Use a hyphen to draw a distinction between the word that means to find something or to get better (recover) and the word that means to cover something again (re-cover).
  • I always thought it was redundant to use together after using connect. You don’t need to connect together the parts, just connect the parts.
  • Even though the URL is todayshow.com and everyone on Earth calls it “The Today Show,” NBC’s morning show is just called Today. These are the things that drive me nuts.
  • The phrase is for all intents and purposes, and not for all intensive purposes.
7 Responses to “2010 Bullets”
  1. I am a fan of the bear.

  2. Pat says:

    Good to see you back, The Writing Guide. In keeping with the theme of this post, I’ve noticed that people often use “grizzly” when they mean “grisly.”

  3. livermoron says:

    Portobello is a town in Italy.

    • cbgaines says:

      True enough, and that’s one theory behind its name, but it isn’t definitive. Until I see a clear link, I’m gonna lowercase that ’shroom.

      • livermoron says:

        Your question was about spell-check automatically capitalizing Portobello. You made no reference to the mushroom.
        I much prefer the smaller crimini. Like zucchini, if allowed to grow to such massive size, mushrooms become bland.

      • cbgaines says:

        All true points.

  4. livermoron says:

    It’s a very lovely town by the way. Not mushroomy at all.

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