Odd Little Morsel

I encountered a rare occurence while editing the other day: a writer misspelled hors d’oeuvre. And, to be more accurate, the writer didn’t misspell it so much as mispunctuate it. She left off the apostrophe.

It’s a funny tic of the trade that I come across egregious misspellings of common words every day but a complex, foreign word like hors d’oeuvre—with its silent s, weird apostrophe, and vowel mash-up—is consistently correct. I guess it’s one of the few words that writers will take the time to look up. Good thing, too: if I drew it in a spelling bee, I have no doubt I’d get it wrong.

3 Responses to “Odd Little Morsel”
  1. melanie says:

    Oh, good point. I always look that one up. It’s not very memory friendly for us English speakers. 🙂

  2. Bart says:

    You’re on to me. Non-English phrases, obscure names, direct references: I Google them, copy and paste. It’s the easy stuff that trips you. As the song goes: “….when life looks like easy
    Street [sic], there is danger at your door.”

  3. Laura says:

    I’ve seen it spelled without the S or without the E — never without the apostrophe.

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