I Do Windows

It must be a slow Monday when I decide to scrutinize a Microsoft Word message window. I’ve just noticed a subject-verb disagreement, or at least the appearance of one, in the window I’ve viewed more than any other in my lifetime of Word usage (see above). The window tells us that the spelling and grammar … Continue reading

My First Chief, Lynn Forbish

I’ve just received word that my first copy chief, Lynn Forbish, has died. Lynn was a benevolent enforcer at The Roanoke Times, quick with a story about growing up in Wisconsin during a lull in the worknight and quicker with a shh! when we were on deadline. I learned more about copy editing from Lynn … Continue reading

The Subject Is the Subject

Friend of the blog Kasey recently asked, “How are we supposed to use capitalization in the subject line of an e-mail?” There isn’t a single rule governing subject lines, but there are two commonly accepted ways to capitalize titles (of anything—e-mails, books, memos), and each have their own rules. Sentence-style capitalization, which seems to be … Continue reading