My First Chief, Lynn Forbish

Lynn, showing who's boss on deadline

I’ve just received word that my first copy chief, Lynn Forbish, has died. Lynn was a benevolent enforcer at The Roanoke Times, quick with a story about growing up in Wisconsin during a lull in the worknight and quicker with a shh! when we were on deadline. I learned more about copy editing from Lynn during my short time at the RT than I did during four years of journalism school. I’m grateful that I got into this game while committed veterans such as Lynn were around to show rookies how to edit with grace and precision while on deadline.

Here’s to you, Lynn.

5 Responses to “My First Chief, Lynn Forbish”
  1. Pam says:

    Hey, Craig, you probably don’t remember me, but I worked with you when you were an intern (I was the grumpy A-section layout editor.) I’m here via Mary’s link on Facebook – just wanted to say that I really liked your post and that you found the perfect pic of Lynn. (Though I remember her words on deadline being a lot stronger than shhh!)

    Pam McCallister

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