The Subject Is the Subject

Friend of the blog Kasey recently asked, “How are we supposed to use capitalization in the subject line of an e-mail?” There isn’t a single rule governing subject lines, but there are two commonly accepted ways to capitalize titles (of anything—e-mails, books, memos), and each have their own rules. Sentence-style capitalization, which seems to be … Continue reading

What to Capitalize

Improperly capitalizing nouns is one of the most common errors I come across. Just because a word is important or distinctive doesn’t mean it should be capitalized. Only proper nouns—those that name specific people, places, and things*—are capitalized. Sounds easy, right? Dig on the errors (in italics) I’ve come across in the past week: Don’t … Continue reading

The Definition of Is

Is is a verb. I mention this simple fact not to offer a point of departure for a conversation about the nature of being and verbs, but only to make this reminder: When is is mentioned in a composition title (the names of books, movies, albums, etc.), it must be capitalized. Ex. The Heart Is … Continue reading

Think Before You Capitalize

Only proper nouns (”a person’s name or the official name of a place or thing,” according to The Chicago Manual of Style) are capitalized. Don’t capitalize a word for emphasis or because it’s the most important word in the sentence. (Here’s a fun fact: Many cheese names are capitalized, because they are named after their … Continue reading