The Subject Is the Subject

Friend of the blog Kasey recently asked, “How are we supposed to use capitalization in the subject line of an e-mail?” There isn’t a single rule governing subject lines, but there are two commonly accepted ways to capitalize titles (of anything—e-mails, books, memos), and each have their own rules. Sentence-style capitalization, which seems to be … Continue reading

E-mail Breakdown: A Question of Tone

I received an unsolicited, honest-to-God message from a reader recently about an e-mail conversation he had with a co-worker. My reader said that he and the co-worker saw nothing wrong with the tone of the conversation but that their boss did. The boss, my reader told me, thought the tone turned rude during the end … Continue reading

Call for Submissions

Someone recently asked me to review the tone and content of an e-mail conversation. A recipient of the e-mail misjudged the writer’s tone, and he asked me to tell him why that might be. It was a fascinating project—I’d like to do it more often, and for The Writing Guide. If you’ve recently had an … Continue reading