Prepositions, Verbs and Meaning

I was momentarily tripped up yesterday while reading this excellent piece in the Los Angeles Times about how Mideast reform activists are trying to use social networks as organizing tools. Does this line confuse you, too? OR IS IT JUST ME? Egyptian activists, for example, have called for rallies and strikes on Internet social networks … Continue reading

The Definition of Is

Is is a verb. I mention this simple fact not to offer a point of departure for a conversation about the nature of being and verbs, but only to make this reminder: When is is mentioned in a composition title (the names of books, movies, albums, etc.), it must be capitalized. Ex. The Heart Is … Continue reading

Make Your Verbs Work

Often, lists are more complex than just “a cat, a dog and a bunny.” When a list does start to get complicated, review the sentence to ensure that your verb works with each noun in the list. IT DOESN’T WORK: The day of celebration includes a luncheon, candle ceremony, potluck dinner and the Rev. George … Continue reading